Early SGDQ Reminder

Don’t worry, it won’t happen tomorrow or anything like that.
But since this year’s Summer is full of great events, both video game-related and otherwise (E3 and UEFA Euro 2016 are happening this month alone), I’ve decided to give you an early reminder this time around.


Voice, I choose you!

I had a rather strange idea the other day, but it's also a rather interesting one: Why not make an audio drama? You know, where you only hear voices, sound effects and some accompanying music. Kinda like a podcast, but more sophisticated and planned than usual.

I've written a handful of stories over the past few years,…

Snake III

When I saw the news about a new Lupin movie, and the same guy who also made the cutscenes of The Twin Snakes will direct it, I couldn't resist to just put some Lupin music onto one of the cutscenes.
"Hey look, that new movie will be just as over the top as this game" is the message. Although, this is just done for…